Zima Pargas Company

:Technical capabilities

Design and production of hardware and software systems in the field of lighting and musical fountains using experts electronics, software, industrial design and Mechanical Engineering and Research is the fruit of the efforts of major items are as follows

  • High-power LED street lights for illumination.
  • Production of underwater lights for lighting fountains and fountains.
  • Production of funeral lights, concealed lighting
  • Production of lamps and lighting application area placed on the facade of the building
  • Design and manufacture of light sources for optical fiber systems.
  • Design and construction of multiple hardware and software system for coordinating the movements of light, water and music.
  • Design and construction of intelligent systems to control DMX lighting all project components and animated and musical fountain.
  • Design and manufacture of pneumatic systems in mobile fountains.

Zima Pargas corporate executives with a history of over a decade of professional activity light, in the areas of design, supply, supervision and implementation of various projects lighting and lighting works

Founding Board of the company after 7 years of experience in the field of light common in other engineering companies of his group, he decided to form an independent company was called Zima Pargas company.

And now some of its design and engineering services, specialized training, specific product design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning of lighting and lighting projects in the following areas:

 Architectural lighting

 Pedestrian lighting

Recreational & sport lighting

….,Road lighting, Tunnel, underpass

 Security lighting

Our job

Zima Pargas as a knowledge-based company and a leader in the field of lighting and ,lighting engineering
With long-term experience of its management team engaged in the lighting and architectural lighting engineering to serve the light.

Our Services

Engineering services in the field of lighting and architectural lighting (lighting)

Consulting – Design – Supply (home and abroad) – Production – Implementation and Project Management

our goal

Zima pargas company managed by Mr. Shervin Alizadeh,He follows the following objectives:
1. The main activities related to all areas of lighting we provide services ranging from consulting, procurement, implementation, training.
2. We seek to provide the best service with the highest quality for our clients. Our selection of the best human resources and continuing education of and communication with leading companies active in the field of lighting we always have the highest quality in service delivery. Our customers are a top priority for us. Obligations and honesty in dealing with our customers for a principle.
3. The intention is that by increasing the brightness of the country can expand its share of the market. Specialized training courses, publication of books and scientific journals and the free exchange of experiences to all those who visit our studio in this regard.
4. Our experienced staff is our capital. Our goal is to provide the best working environment for our staff and for the growth and organizational excellence they have a specific plan.
5. the need to save energy and protect the environment, the obligation to know his plans to give priority to energy conservation.