• Melal Buildings _ Aftab Town

    Latest national project in Tehran _ In this project, the most advanced lighting equipment is used


    Zima Pargas company is the only representative of ewo-Italy in Iran


    abrisham bridge project- Tehran- Hemmat highway


    Zima Pargas company is the only representative of ewo-Italy in Iran

  • Qazvin Martyrs Monument Monument Lighting

    In this project, the most advanced lighting tools has been used
    Bushehr – Bushehr University


    In this project, the most advanced lighting tool has been used
    Bushehr – Bushehr University


    In this project, the most advanced lighting equipment is used


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۳۰ Beautiful Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas

  Outdoor lighting techniques help to create a particular mood or ambiance in your backyard, adding color, drama, and excitement to your swimming pool and landscape while also keeping the pool area safe. Let’s check the different Swimming…
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Turn Your Treasured Custom Lamp Design

Object Into A Special Lamp Do you have an heirloom now sitting in the dust and shadows of an attic or basement? Bring it to light! A custom lamp highlights your object and puts it center stage. Bring it to the store for consultation and leave…
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?Why Solid Sand-Cast Bronze for Landscape Lighting

?What is Bronze Bronze is an alloy that contains copper (88%), tin (6%), zinc (2%), and lead (3%). It's introduction over 5,000 years ago revolutionized metal work and launched the Bronze Age. By adding tim to copper, workers created a metal…
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Landscape Lighting Design – What Homeowners Need to Know

Why hire a professional to design your landscape lighting What is Landscape Lighting Design Some homeowners are surprised when told that a significant amount of the lighting project fee is for the lighting design. They may just want a few…
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Quality Lighting and the Landscape

Our first priority in lighting the landscape is to provide the basic illumination that enables our vision. From there, we expand our designer’s skill to include several other goals – some obvious others more subtle. The following article…
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Lighting the Garden

Plant Illumination Plants and flowers differ in how they reflect, absorb, and transmit light. This is important because they appear differently when lit from above, below, or behind. Thick waxy leaves look black if they are lit from behind…
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Pool Lighting design guide

Geometric Shapes For basic geometric shapes, the following arrangements should be used wherever possible, if there are no other obtrusions  whitin the pool which could effect the spread of light. Further lights may be added to these designs…
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Goals of residential lighting design

The quantity and quality of illumination, the impression it creates about the merchandise and the effect it has on the appearance of the space are all factors in a successful lighting design. A designer must consider a variety of key characteristics…
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Moonlighting: Landscape Lighting Design Imitates Nature

Techniques and Strategies to Imitate the Moon In all of what we call Nature, the moon stands apart. It is the full moon that ignites our passion for light. It is the full moon that we, as designers, strive to re-create. We sincerely want the…
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The Lighting Designer’s Job

The basics At its most basic, stage lighting functions to make the actors and their environs visible to the audience. But it can also be used to Evoke the appropriate mood Indicate time of day and location Shift emphasis…