interior lighting design

Goals of residential lighting design

The quantity and quality of illumination, the impression it creates about the merchandise and the effect it has on the appearance of the space are all factors in a successful lighting design. A designer must consider a variety of key characteristics when developing their lighting plan including lamp life, system efficiency, lumen maintenance, color rendering and appearance, daylight integration and control, light distribution, points of interest, cost, system control and flexibility.

Create a warm and inviting environment while making if funvtional and safe

Integrate and balance ambient, task and accent lighting into every room to allow for a variety of setting and moods

Establish a path of illumination through the house to allow comfortable transition and movement from room to room

Enhance and strengthen the character of the living space by highlighting areas of interest and architectural details

Design a flexible lighting scheme to take you from dawn to dusk and a system that is easy to maintain

Address energy efficiency and code issues

When lighting a residential space, consider the following

Size and shape of the space

Traffic patterns through the home

How the room will be used: there is almost always some type of task involved in each space and some tasks require more light than others

The ceiling height and shape: light will reflected off these surfaces and contribute to the ambient light level in the room

Age of the persons living in the space: the older we get, the more we are adversely affected by glare

Color of the walls: darker walls absorb more light and may require higher levels of illumination

Art work and highlight areas: determining the pieces and places to be highlighted helps determine the number of accent lights needed

Families of luminaires: recessed down lights used as adjustable accents and wall washers should match in aperture size and trim finish as well as use similar lamp types. Complement these choices with the same, or similar, finished fixtures to avoid drawing attention to the lighting system

Refrence: Contech lighting

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